How’d We Do?

How’d We Do?

For over 60 years now, the Larson Automotive Group has relied on our relationships with our customers and providing exceptional experiences day in and day out. Word of mouth has been our greatest method of advertising in helping us to grow to be the largest automotive group in the state of Washington. We ask that you help us continue that tradition by sharing your experience at Larson CJDR online.


Love to write sweepingly elaborate reviews about that great new and cozy restaurant downtown? Yelp might be the answer for you. Be sure to link Yelp to your Facebook profile when signing up for the most streamlined process of getting a new Yelp account up and running.

Google Places

Do you have an Android phone? Do you have a Gmail account? The Googlers want to provide any and all information available to anybody who types a question into their search engine. If your email ends in, you’re all set to leave your words.

Did you begin your process of buying a new car at We ask that you end it here as well. is a leading source of information for prospective buyers, and finding a dealership with an emphasis on great customer service is very important.

Another of the most highly respected research websites used by customers looking to buy a new car, Edmunds not only wants to help you find the perfect car for you, but also a dealership that will take care of you after the sale. Did you use Edmunds? Review us on Edmunds.

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